This is How You can Easily Earn 1 Lakh/Month from Sharechat (2023)

How to earn money from Sharechat app

 Do you also want to earn money from the Sharechat app without investing much time and money? Here in this article, I will share the exact working methods which will allow you to earn a pathetic amount of money up to Rs.1 Lakh per month. So here you go!

What is Sharechat App? | Sharechat app kya hai?

For those who don't know, Sharechat is a popular application that is used by millions of users and if you share Whatsapp and Facebook status then you might know what this app is all about.

Most people use the Sharechat app just for Entertainment as it has lots of videos, pictures, and music you will get to see. If you like the video, you can even download the video directly and share it with your friends and family.

The sharechat app is a social media platform that was created by the Students of IIT Kanpur in 2015.

It has a lot of great features from which you can make professional and attractive videos in a short time, well you can call it a Tiktok and MX TakaTak alternative.

How to Create an Account in the Sharechat app? | ShareChat app m account Kaise banaye?

Sharechat app download

  1. First, download and install the sharechat app from Playstore or any other trusted source
  2. After that, you will be asked to select your language
  3. then, you will need to fill in your details such as Name, Gender, Mobile number, etc.
  4. Click on Submit button and then you will receive an OTP on your entered number
  5. Enter the OTP and your sharechat account has been created!

How to Earn Money from Sharechat? | Sharechat se paise Kaise kamaye?

How to earn money from Sharechat

Most people use Sharechat just for Entertainment and might not know that they can earn money from Sharechat as well.
Sharechat allows its users to earn money through their Creators program so read more about it:

Sharechat Creator Program

Sharechat Creator Program is an incentive that allows creators to earn money on the go. However, there are some guidelines you need to follow in order to join the program.

To participate in this program, you need to upload at least 5 videos with the sharechat camera, the videos should have your original voice.

Within a few days, a star icon will appear on your profile after uploading 5 videos. Afterward, you will be eligible to participate in this program.
When you click on the star icon, the leaderboard will open where you can check the ranking of the top Creator of Sharechat.

Sharechat Creator Program Selection Guidelines

To earn money from Sharechat, you'll first need to be selected in the Creator program.

It is stated in their rules that to join the Creator Program, you must be an original video creator to get paid. You need to post videos in your own voice. Most people uploads videos of others on their sharechat account so you must not upload others' videos.

You can post any type of video in any language on the Sharechat app. They will select you on the basis of the quality and content of your videos. The more unique and new content you upload, the more chances of your's to get accepted into the program.

How to earn money from Sharechat Creator Program?

If you get accepted into the program, then you must be thinking about how will you gonna earn and receive the money?
The sharechat team will check your top 3 videos and on the basis of these, your income will be calculated.
The top three videos will be ones that have been most liked and shared. A weekly rank score would be calculated on the basis of your top three videos. And according to the ranking, you will be rewarded.

You will get paid at the end of every month and you can withdraw the funds into your Paytm or Bank account.

Tips to increase your Earnings of Sharechat Creator Program

To increase your earnings, you need to increase the number of followers of your Sharechat profile. Here are the tips to increase your followers:

  • Create videos on trendy topics like Memes etc.
  • Increase your content quality.
  • Upload Original and unique content to get your videos on trending
  • Become active and Post videos daily

Other Ways to Earn Money from Sharechat in 2022

If you didn't get accepted into the Creator Program then don't lose hope, there are still many other ways that will allow you to earn a handsome amount of money from the #1 Day. So let's check them out:

(Disclaimer: All methods recommended are based on my own opinion. I will not guarantee and ensure you any income. it solely depends on your hard work. You may or may not generate any income guaranteed and the writer, site owner or any other member of the team will not be responsible for any losses.)

  1. Refer and Earn
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Paid Promotions and Shoutouts
  4. Products Reselling

Refer and Earn:

Similar to many popular applications, Sharechat does have a Refer and Earn section where you get up to 40Rs. for referring a person through your referral link. You can invite your friends and family members or by sharing your link via different mediums.

You can find your referral link in the coin icon available at the top of the application. Sharechat pays Rs.40 per refer but it has a limitation on the invitations, you can only invite up to 20000 people in a month. But I don't think a person could hit that number.😌

You get your referral money in the form of Lifaffa and you can withdraw first and second lifaffa instantly but have to wait for 4 days to withdraw others.

Although, Sharechat Refer and Earn is a great way to earn a hefty amount of money without investing your time and money.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing can be a great source of income in Sharechat as it is already a major source of income for many bloggers and YouTubers.
If you don't know what affiliate marketing is let me give you a short brief:
When a person purchases a product through your link, you get a fixed percentage of the price of the product. It is quite different from Product reselling where you add whatever margin you want.

There are many popular affiliate programs available on the Internet but currently, Amazon is the most popular affiliate program in India. You can create a custom link and share it with your audience and earn a commission for every successful purchase.
However, due to some policy reasons, Amazon doesn't allow its affiliate links to be shared on Social Media directly. For that, you will need to create a website or a youtube channel first.

Although, Affiliate Marketing on Sharechat can be a great opportunity to earn a good passive income so create an account on these platforms, and start earning.

Paid Promotions and Shout Outs

Paid Promotions and Shout outs are one of the best passive income methods if you have a decent amount of followers on your ShareChat account.
The organic reach of Sharechat is quite awesome so you can easily gain a lot of followers and do promotion of small profiles by charging them depending on your reach and followers.

Popular companies always look for good profiles where they can promote their products and services. Some even pay you for every sale made through your profile. So paid promotion can be a good earning opportunity for you.

Product Reselling

Product Reselling can be a decent way to earn part-time money online as a student or employed.  You can even make a full-time income by working hard (Not Recommended unless you make a decent amount of money through it).

There are a lot of Reselling apps available in India (like Meesho) where you can sell the product directly by adding your margin.

You just need to share the images of the product and get the address of the interested buyers and everything (from packaging to delivery) will be done by Reselling apps team.

Final Words

Earning money is not hard until you have a decent plan, Social Media has awesome reach so we can use that opportunity to earn money easily. There's no age of earning money, I have seen a 10 years old boy earning 1 Lakh+ every month and have also seen an Unemployed person cursing not being able to earn money.
The Internet has opened many opportunities to make money online by not even working full-time. Believe me, You can also make money online but you need to find your own method!

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