100+ Shortcut Keys in Computer from A to Z (List + PDF Download)


 Computer and Laptops are must nowadays, it's been used in every field from Education to Entertainment and work as well!

People don't wanna waste their time by performing actions such as copy-paste manually from the mouse so that's where Shortcut Keys comes into action!

Shortcut Keys is a simple command which works when you press two consecutive buttons at a time for example- CTRL + C, by pressing these buttons you can copy any file or folder.

In this article, we are providing you with 100+ Computer Shortcut Keys' full list (+PDF File) that will convert your hard work into smart work😉!

100+ Computer shortcut keys

Basic Computer Shortcut Keys e.g. Copy-Paste

  • CTRL + C  (Copy the Selected File, text, image, folder, etc.)
  • CTRL + V (Paste the copied file or text to another location)
  • CTRL + A  (To Select All the text, file, or folder)
  • CTRL + X (Cut the selected text or document)
  • CTRL + D (Delete the selected documents)
  • ALT + F4 (Close the open window)
  • CTRL + Z (Undo the last action)
  • CTRL + Y (Redo the last action)
  • ALT + Tab (Switch between open windows)
  • Alt + Enter (Show the properties of the selected items)
  • Alt + Spacebar (Show Shortcut menu of the open menu)
  • Alt + Left Arrow (Go backward in history if present)
  • Alt + Right Arrow (Go Forwards in the browser window)
  • Alt + Page Up (Scroll Up)
  • Alt + Page Down (Scroll Down)
  • Backspace (Delete the current added text)
  • F1 (Open Help menu)
  • F2 (Rename the selected file or folder)
  • F3 (Open search menu)
  • F4 (Display address list in file tab)
  • F5 (Refresh the open window)
  • F6 (Move the text cursor to the program currently open on the browser.)
  • F10 (Display menu bar in the currently open window)
  • CTRL + plus + (Zoom in)
  • CTRL + minus - (zoom out)
  • Esc (close or stop the current action/window)
  • Shift + Delete (Permanently delete the selected items)
  • CTRL + D (Bookmark the current webpage in browser)
  • CTRL + I (Preview downloads of browser)
  • CTRL + H (Display History tab)

Advance Shortcut Keys

  • Windows (Launch Start menu)
  • Windows + L (Lock the computer screen and needs login details to unlock)
  • Windows + D (Switch between currently opened windows)
  • Windows + F1 (Open windows help menu)
  • Windows + B (Highlights the notification)
  • Windows + F (Open feedback section on the windows)
  • Windows + I (Open Settings of the computer)
  • Windows + K (Open connect/stream option on the screen)
  • Windows + M (Minimize the currently opened window)
  • Windows + Shift + M (Reopen the minimize window)
  • Windows + P (Show option to select the display mode)
  • Windows + Q (Launch Search Bar)
  • Windows + R (Launch Run to search files)
  • Windows + T (Switch between the apps pinned on the taskbar)
  • Windows + V (Move through the notification)
  • Windows + , (Review the desktop [As  long as the button should be pressed]
  • Windows + Z (Display the commands used in the currently open window)
  • Windows + Tab (Show options to choose currently open windows or applications)
  • Windows + Ctrl + B (Switch between the windows or applications that display the notification)
  • Windows + Up arrow (Maximize the current tab)
  • Windows + Down arrow (Minimize the current tab)
  • Windows + Left arrow (Maximize the current window and place it on the left side of the screen)
  • Windows + Right arrow (Maximize the current window and place it on the right side of the screen)
  • Windows + Home (Minimize/Maximize all the opened windows but not the current desktop window)
  • Windows + Spacebar/window + Ctrl + Spacebar (Choose the previously selected language and keyboard options)

Shortcut keys for File Explorer

  • Alt + D (Select the path in the address bar)
  • Ctrl + E (Launch address bar, search bar, omnibox)
  • Ctrl + N (To open a new tab/window)
  • Ctrl + W (To close the tab/window)
  • Ctrl + Mouse scroll (To zoom in or zoom out the screen)'
  • Ctrl + Shift + E (Display all the highlighted folders)
  • Ctrl + Shift + N (Create a new folder)
  • Num Lock + * (Display all the subfolders of the selected folders)
  • Num Lock + + ( Display the contents of the selected folders)
  • Alt + P (Display the view pane)
  • Backspace (Move to the previous folder)
  • Alt + Up arrow (Open the main folder of a specific folder)
  • Alt + Left arrow (Display the previous folder)
  • End (Display the End of the currently open window)
  • Home (Show the top of the currently open window)

Shortcut key for Text Documents

  • Ctrl + W (Close the open window or document)
  • Ctrl + Z (Undo the action)
  • Ctrl +Y (Redo the last action)
  • Ctrl + S (Save the new document)
  • Ctrl + P (Print the selected document)
  • Ctrl + K (To insert the hyperlink)
  • Ctrl + C (Copy the selected item)
  • Ctrl + V (Paste the selected item)
  • Ctrl + Shift + A (Change the format of all letters into Capital)
  • Ctrl + B (Change the format of text into Bold)
  • Ctrl + I (Change the format of selected text into Italic)
  • Alt + Shift + D (To insert current date)
  • Alt + Shift + T (To insert current time)
  • Ctrl + L (Move text to the left)
  • Ctrl + U (Underline the selected text)
  • Ctrl + = (perform subscript format of letters)
  • Ctrl + R (Move text to the right)
  • Ctrl + Spacebar (Reset the selected text to the default)
  • Ctrl + Home (Move the cursor to the first text)
  • Ctrl + Del (Delete a word from the right side of the cursor)

Computer Shortcut Keys A to Z PDF File Download (Click Here)

Final Words

PC Users mostly prefer shortcut keys nowadays. Shortcut keys that we have provided is up to date and supports every windows computer. You can use these keys to easy your work.


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